A Hunt should be measured
in inches, not dollars
Cozy yet, rugged
FALL is in the air

A Cool Burst of Wind,
the Sharp Intake of Air

The terrain is unyielding, but so is our sense of pursuit. Thousands of acres of hills, timberline, and open prairie hold the promise of a successful hunt—with just the right amount of resiliency. Allow our seasoned guides to take you on a once-in-a-lifetime hunt, and experience the real side of big game pursuit while you navigate our unrivaled Wyoming country.

Eye Contact,
the Moment of Admiration

The land is wild, and the game reigns supreme. Exclusive areas accessible to few ensure that our animals are unmatched in size and quality. Giants emerge with the changing seasons, and our hunting grounds warrant a private setting where you can experience a rewarding hunt that begins with a carefully mapped-out hunt, and ends with a trophy quality animal.

The Deep Breath
Before the Perfect Shot

With an affection for familiar trails, routes and an intimate knowledge of the land, our guides are avid outdoorsmen and dedicated hunters. We know the areas we guide better than any other—we’re extensions of the land itself. Our goal is to provide you with an individual experience that ends with the perfect shot—no two journeys with us are ever the same.

a few recent trophies

To the place we call home

At Turkey Track, our hunts are geared towards providing our clients with a once in a lifetime experience, and we have a burning desire to make your outfitting dreams a reality. Our guides have a deep love for the sport of hunting, as well as the many journeys they’ve taken to achieve their own personal big game stories. We are firm believers that harvesting your animal is only part of the experience—so we guide in a way that allows our guests to truly experience the “pursuit” and not just the shot at the end of the day.

We don’t place merit in luxury accommodations and lobster dinners. Our rock-solid reputation runs on courteous and knowledgeable staff, unparalleled game, trips tailored specifically to our hunters, and lodging that brings together the true Western experience: the comfort of a warm hearth and the rugged backcountry setting we take pride in calling home.

If you’re looking for a first-class hunting trip with high success rates, trophy quality game, private access hunting areas, a true feel for the rugged outdoors, and a team that’s eager to offer the best they possibly can, book your next hunt with Turkey Track Outfitters. You won’t be disappointed.

your guides


Jared takes each and every task handed to him to the extreme. Thriving on a good challenge, he’s always working angles and adapting to situations to create success. Jared views every hunt with a unique perspective, wanting to know how the game is behaving and why, and carefully breaking down the “What ifs?” on every outing. With his competitive edge and knowledge, Jared has created a stack of success stories.


Through his unmatched knowledge of the backcountry and its game, Pat has created his own tool belt full of maneuvers and tactics that can surprise even the most experienced of hunters. A seasoned guide and outfitter, Pat is nearly one being with the mountain, and it’s nearly impossible to bring a smile to his face larger than the one he displays with a pack frame and dog tracker.

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