Pronghorn Antelope

Turkey Track Outfitters offers semi-guided and fully-guided hunts in southeastern Wyoming’s vast grasslands. Both archers and rifle hunters will enjoy the large number of animals and the many different ways to hunt them, including waterholes, spot and stalk, and decoy setups.

These hunts can complement another hunt by giving the hunter something to chase during the middle of the day, when temperatures force elk or deer into their bedding areas. Standalone antelope hunts are among the best in the country, so if pursuing the speedgoat is on your list, we’ll put you in the right place. Our antelope hunts feature high success rates, with only mature trophy animals harvested.

Rifle hunts are 3 days, with meals and lodging included.

Archery hunts are 5 days, with meals and lodging included. Length of hunt is increased, as the work required to fill your trophy bag is more challenging with a stick and string.

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